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How to Do B2B Content Marketing and Planning in Tourism

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Core tip: With the development of China's economy, people's lives have become better and better, and travel has become an indispensable part of people's lives. According to data from the National Bureau of Statistics,

With the development of China's economy, people's lives have become better and better, and travel has become an indispensable part of people's lives. 2017年全国旅游投资将继续保持稳定增长态势,预计全年旅游直接投资将超过1.5万亿元。 According to data from the National Bureau of Statistics , national tourism investment in 2017 will continue to maintain a steady growth trend, and direct tourism investment is expected to exceed 1.5 trillion yuan throughout the year. In addition, China's tourism industry contributed 11% to the national economy in 2016, which was in line with the world average.

In 2017, various industries are actively discussing the topic of marketing, and the tourism industry is no exception. But for To C enterprises, marketing is full of tricks and can be creative and playful ... But To B enterprises are aimed at corporate customers, the content should not be fancy, should go straight to the theme, rigorous and formal ... So, the entire tourism industry B2B The marketing market seems to be using the same template to tell different stories, tedious and monotonous. So what is the difference between B-side marketing and C-side marketing? Which one of the B-side marketing methods is more suitable for tourism companies?

88% To B marketers believe that content marketing is an important part of marketing, and for tourism B2B marketing, content marketing is a lower cost and higher return method, but the process of content marketing by the enterprise itself There are many details.


Know your customers

Before content marketing, you need to know and understand your customers. What factors do they consider when purchasing a channel, and then these factors are reflected in the content.

First, to understand where your customers are, marketing divides groups into three categories:

B2C:这里的C端指的是决策较短的产品,比如快消品一类的消费群体。 The first type of B2C: The C terminal here refers to products with shorter decision-making, such as consumer groups such as fast-moving consumer goods. Enterprises can quickly obtain the ultimate monetization of such users through various creative, interesting marketing or purchase traffic methods.

B2小B&大C:小B包括合作伙伴、渠道、saas公司等等,大C包括教育、金融、汽车、医疗医美。 The second type of B2 small B & big C: small B includes partners, channels, saas companies, etc., big C includes education, finance, automotive, medical and medical beauty. In short, it is the consumer groups with higher unit prices. And what we call tourism B2B marketing is also in a category.

B2大B:比如微软这类的企业。 The third type of B2 big B: enterprises such as Microsoft. This part only accounts for a relatively small part, and there are no more than 1,000 in China. It is also a relatively top-level marketing area, and the marketing methods are different from the previous two.

Second, understand the characteristics of your customers.

B2B的购买决策流程特别长是因为这类客户在选择一种产品的时候不会从某一个接触点轻易做出决定,商业价值是考量的重要因素,决策者往往是一个团队,因此toC和toC比较B端的客户群体会更理性更稳定,所以营销不会通过购买流量而达到一定的交易转化,也不会像C端用户那样感性、容易被有趣但没用的内容而吸引。 The B2B travel decision-making process is particularly long because such customers do not easily make a decision from a touch point when choosing a product. Business value is an important factor to consider. The decision maker is often a team. ToC is more rational and stable than the client group on the B side, so marketing will not achieve a certain transaction conversion by purchasing traffic, nor will it be as emotional and attractive as C-side users. Because B2B customers represent decision-making for the enterprise, LI is an important measurement standard, so when B2B companies do content marketing, they must focus on the three characteristics of "precision, precision, and work."


How to build your premium content?

B2B企业营销会应用补贴的手法,但其实应该是通过内容展现你的优势、差异化以及回报率。 Many tourism B2B business marketing will apply subsidies, but in fact, it should show your advantages, differentiation and return rate through content. However, tourism content marketing has a wealth of materials on the C side to create a variety of ideas. Although the marketing content of the B-end is still difficult to dig, the same thing is to focus on a center that is "dry goods"! So how to reflect the "dry" of dry goods and how to push your content rhythmically?

B2B内容需要具备完美的7+3比例,即7分干货+3分趣味,更重要的是要分不同阶段提供相对应的内容类型。 High-quality B2B content needs to have a perfect 7 + 3 ratio, that is, 7 dry goods + 3 fun, and more importantly, provide corresponding content types in different stages. B2B content marketing is divided into three stages:

The first stage: the cognitive stage

pv&uv。 The content marketing strategy should be to create demand, establish brand and solution cognition with users, and establish a continuous interactive relationship with users, maximize the collection of user needs and points of interest, and personalize the corresponding solutions Attract users and increase pv & uv.

Content type: E-books, blog posts, research data, interesting videos, event information, infographics.

Second stage: consideration stage

The content marketing strategy should export the product or the solution of the industry to the other party, and convey the trust. It needs to continuously provide educational content and communicate the characteristics of your solution.

RFP模板,ROI计算器,分析报告,第三方报告,品牌内容。 Content type: Buying guide, RFP template, ROI calculator, analysis report, third-party report, brand content.

The third stage: the preference stage

You can try to share the success stories of typical customers in the same industry with each other to promote further purchase decisions. At the same time, very specific preferential measures are pointed out to support buyers during the purchase process.

Content types: pricing, presentations, third-party reviews, customer case studies, trials.

B2B enterprise marketing is important in the process of 0-1, so the strategic differentiation should be reflected in the content. And, to understand your customers' problems, b2b customers are more willing to hear the actual use experience and ultimate return of the company that agrees with him. The more detailed the information, the better. If you don't understand the key pain points of your customers and magnify them, you will not be able to attract users in a short time. Then use theory to explain the problem, and then turn the content into a method that can be implemented in practice, then write the method, process it, and finally publish it to form a closed loop of content.

It itself originates from the needs of users, and is ultimately attributed to the needs of users to resolve needs. Such content can reach the needs of users, and then articles attract new users.


Where is the content posted?

What we need to reflect on for content marketing is that most marketing is self-assertive. It may seem to be lively in a circle or in our circle of friends, but outside of this it is found that the information is no longer visible. Under such circumstances, how should brands market consumers and what channels can they use to promote content?

For the current stage, the WeChat public account in its own media is undoubtedly one of the most cost-effective channels and the most direct electric shock for enterprises and users. B2B餐饮策划部门就通过微信服务号作为中国本地化跨界创新,驱动了年关联销售10位数。 Unilever's B2B food and beverage planning department has adopted WeChat service number as a localized cross-border innovation in China, driving 10-digit annual related sales.

There are three types of gameplay on WeChat public account:

1.WeChat + Live

Embed a live broadcast in the personal WeChat public background, move the offline conference activities online to achieve interactive effects, and form user data precipitation, while also reducing the cost of offline interaction.

2.WeChat + employees

B2B企业而言,销售是市场内容传播的非常重要的渠道,如何撬动销售团队的社交资源增大内容对于目标潜在客户的覆盖,对于有一定规模的销售团队来说,全员营销系统对于获客与品牌的帮助颇大。 For B2B companies, sales are a very important channel for market content dissemination. How to leverage the social resources of the sales team to increase the coverage of target potential customers. For sales teams of a certain size, the full-scale marketing system is Customer acquisition and brand help.

3.WeChat + other self-media

The contents of dry goods have reuse value. Enterprises can break down a dry product content, process it into different styles, and distribute it in various channels, such as text, pictures, Q & A, long and short videos, etc. And analyze the types of each channel to maximize the value of each channel.

Suggested choice: Zhihu, headlines today.

10级(最高级),百度一下,第一刷就能看到知乎链接。 Zhihu's Baidu search weight has reached 10 (the highest level). If you click on Baidu, you can see the Zhihu link. Knowing that through advertising products, institutional accounts and other mechanisms, it provides ample opportunities for brands to integrate into the community.

Today's unique advantage of Toutiao is that it can provide personalized content for users based on machine learning data mining and engine recommendation to achieve accurate push. It is especially suitable for small brands, which can help them get sales leads efficiently.

Some companies upload content to fifty or sixty content platforms. This is blind. The most important thing is to find the distribution channel that suits them best. Due to the limited online traffic and more and more expensive, but keep in mind that zombie users are meaningless, everything should be carried out around the target user.


How to determine the conversion rate?

IPV以及成交转化。 For content marketing, not only consider how much content is read, but also consider how many IPVs and transaction conversions can ultimately be formed in a solution . 52% of marketers believe that "not knowing how to measure the effectiveness of content marketing" is the biggest pain point of developing content marketing.

So, how to measure it?

If you only calculate the reading volume, the number of new fans, and the number of registrations, you are basically in the state of burning company money, and you cannot prove the value of your team in business. MQL价值+SQL价值+签单价值。 The sum of the value of true content marketing = reading value + fan value + membership value + MQL value + SQL value + signing value.

MQL价值、SQL价值、签单价值,这三个名词绝大多数都比较陌生。 As for MQL value, SQL value and signing value, these three terms are mostly unfamiliar. And because it is slow and difficult to track, it is often overlooked, but if you ignore it, you will find a hard-to-prepare service tweet that won't even earn your salary, let alone for the company Create market value with greater leverage.

MQL(Marketing Qualified Leads):从注册产生的众多线索中,能被市场部转给销售部的只是少数,虽然不同公司对MQL的阶段定义有差异,但计算方式是=MQL转为SQL的概率*SQL的价值。 Marketing Qualified Leads (MQL): Of the many leads generated by registration, only a few can be transferred by the marketing department to the sales department. Although different companies have different definitions of the MQL stage, the calculation method is = MQL to SQL The probability of * SQL value.

SQL(Sales Qualified Leads):市场部输出MQL后,销售部会跟进并确认其中觉得靠谱不错的为SQL,在销售CRM中建立对应的商机OPP.(Opportunity),SQL的计算方式是=SQL的成单概率*平均客单价/合同额得到。 Sales Qualified Leads (SQL): After the marketing department outputs the MQL, the sales department will follow up and confirm that the one that looks good is SQL. The corresponding business opportunity OPP. (Opportunity) is established in the sales CRM. The SQL calculation method is = SQL's probability of making an order * Average customer price / contract value obtained.

8位数的单子。 Signing value: When the clues generated by the content are finally monitored to sign the order, then the amount of the order itself will directly become the output of this content. For the content that the author was responsible for, it brought an 8-digit number to the company at the time . List.

In short, three things are inseparable: monitoring, analysis, and testing. Then adjust the definition of customers, content, channels, and continue operations.

Finally, content marketing should not be based on the product's thinking logic. Don't blindly emphasize who I am and how good I am. It should be thinking with customers and telling them what you need and how I can make you successful. “利他之心”。 All content and interactions must uphold the "altruistic heart".

In the era of B2B traffic, I recommend you to N127- B2B e-commerce platform . SMEs build websites to send information as the preferred platform for promotion.

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