The latest highlights of the “Belt and Road” summit forum

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Core tip: The world ’s attention is focused on Beijing again—the “Belt and Road” international cooperation summit is about to officially begin. This is the forum activity of the highest standard in the “Belt and Road” initiative for more than 3 years.

——“一带一路”国际合作高峰论坛即将正式拉开帷幕。 The world's eyes are once again focused on Beijing -the Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation is about to officially begin. 年多来最高规格的论坛活动。 This is the forum activity of the highest standard in the “Belt and Road” initiative for more than 3 years. What are the highlights of this conference?

Aspect 1: What's the significance of holding a summit forum at this time?

"This is a proactive move of a key node. The holding of a summit forum at this time has a supporting role, not only summing up past experience, but also planning for the future and laying the foundation for deeper cooperation." Executive Vice-President of the Chinese Academy of International Studies Chief Ruan Zongze said.

年多来,取得了丰硕的早期收获,目前已得到世界上 100 多个国家和国际组织的响应和支持,中方已与 40 多个国家和国际组织就共建“一带一路”签署了合作协议。 The “Belt and Road” initiative has been fruitful for more than three years, and has achieved rich early gains. At present, it has received responses and support from more than 100 countries and international organizations in the world. China has co-established the “Belt” with more than 40 countries and international organizations. All the way "signed a cooperation agreement.

"Although the" Belt and Road "initiative was initiated by China, it has now transformed from a China initiative into a global consensus and entered a stage of global action." Said Dai Yonghong, a professor at the School of International Relations at Sichuan University.

"At present, the global economic recovery is sluggish, and the trend of anti-globalization is on the rise. Outside expectations for China to assume more responsibility for international economic development are also increasing. The joint construction of the" Belt and Road "is a China plan to promote global peaceful cooperation and common development. The concerns of all parties also reflect China's responsibility and responsibility as a great power. "Dai Yonghong said.

Aspect 2: What is the particular lineup of guests?

A strong lineup of guests is a highlight of this summit forum.

"The guests covering the five continents, including dignitaries, officials, experts and scholars from all walks of life, fully demonstrated the positive response of the Chinese initiative and also reflected the openness and tolerance of this forum." Ruan Zongze said.

29 位国家元首和政府首脑、多位国际组织负责人,还有 130 多个国家的约 1500 名各界贵宾。 It is reported that in addition to 29 heads of state and government, leaders of international organizations, and about 1,500 distinguished guests from more than 130 countries attended the forum .

“一带一路”建设有重要意义。 Li Xiangyang, Dean of the Institute of Asia-Pacific and Global Strategies of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, believes that bringing more people from all countries and all walks of life to the forum will help build consensus and form a joint force, and is of great significance to jointly promote the construction of the “Belt and Road”. This is also a manifestation of the principle of sharing, building, and sharing. Such high-level guests also provided opportunities for China to explore bilateral cooperation with relevant countries.

In accordance with the conventions of international conferences, leaders of host countries generally hold bilateral talks with participating foreign leaders during the conference to discuss the development of bilateral relations and issues of common concern. This time should be no exception.

Aspect 3: What new measures will be taken for international cooperation in the future?

“一带一路”建设进一步开展国际合作? How will China further develop international cooperation through the "Belt and Road" initiative? This is a key concern of the international community for this forum.

Wen Zongyu, a researcher at the Institute of Fiscal Science of the Ministry of Finance, believes that all parties should make full use of the forum as a platform to plan the implementation path, do a good job in project implementation, and promote the establishment of cooperative consensus.

The forum agenda revealed some considerations on how to carry out in-depth cooperation.1+6 ”的形式举行一场高级别全体会议和六场平行主题会议。 In addition to the round table summit with the participation of leaders, the forum will hold a high-level plenary session and six parallel themed meetings in the form of " 1 + 6 ".

8 个方面。 The high-level meeting will focus on eight aspects , including infrastructure, industrial investment, economic and trade cooperation, energy resources, financial cooperation, humanities exchanges, ecological environment and maritime cooperation . The six parallel thematic sessions focused on the "Five Links" and think tank exchanges.

“一带一路”建设的早期收获中,不少集中在基础设施建设领域,今后贸易畅通中的贸易便利化会进一步加强;随着设施联通的推进,资金需求增加,融资合作和金融领域的支撑也要跟上。 Li Xiangyang said that many of the early gains of the “Belt and Road” construction were concentrated in the field of infrastructure construction. In the future, trade facilitation in the smooth flow of trade will be further strengthened; with the advancement of facilities connectivity, capital needs increase, financing cooperation and the financial field The support must also keep up.

“丝绸之路经济带”和“ 21 世纪海上丝绸之路”的联动发展以及“一带一路”沿线发展中国家经济增长与发达国家经济复苏的联动发展,对全球经济增长形成协同效应。 Wen Zongyu said that it is necessary to continue to promote the joint development of the "Silk Road Economic Belt" and the " 21st Century Maritime Silk Road" and the joint development of the economic growth of developing countries and the economic recovery of developed countries along the "Belt and Road", and contribute to global economic growth Form a synergy effect.

Aspect Four: What new gains will China have?

“一带一路”的倡导者,也是受益者。 Dai Yonghong stated that upholding the principle of consultation, co-building and sharing, China is both an advocate and a beneficiary of the “Belt and Road” initiative. This is not only reflected in the role of the “Belt and Road” in promoting China ’s own open development, but also in the enhancement of the image and status of the great power brought by China ’s win-win cooperation and shared development with other countries.

20 个国家和 20 多个国际组织商签合作文件,中方有关部门预计将与沿线国家对口部门共同制定近 20 项行动计划,涉及基础设施、能源资源、产能合作、贸易投资等多个领域。 During the summit forum, China is expected to sign cooperation documents with nearly 20 countries and more than 20 international organizations. The relevant Chinese departments are expected to work with counterparts in countries along the route to formulate nearly 20 action plans involving infrastructure, energy resources, Capacity cooperation, trade and investment, etc.

“一带一路”是中国在新的历史条件下实行全方位对外开放的重要举措,有利于沿线发展中国家实现均衡、包容发展,也有利于中国自身扩大东西双向开放、加快经济发展转型。 Analysts believe that the construction of the “Belt and Road” is an important measure for China to implement all-round opening to the outside world under new historical conditions. It is conducive to the balanced and inclusive development of developing countries along the route, and it is also conducive to China's own expansion of east-west two-way opening and accelerated economic Development and transformation.

"The 'Belt and Road' covers China's central and western provinces and developed coastal areas. By expanding its opening to the west, it will help accelerate the pace of development in the central and western regions and realize the stepwise development of the eastern, central, and western regions. It will also help China to expand its foreign economic cooperation and deepen domestic reforms. And expand openness and close integration. "Li Xiangyang said.

Aspect Five: How will the people feel?

“中国制造”;从跨越欧亚大陆的视频电话,到非洲第一条跨国电气化铁路,“一带一路”建设的成果看得见、摸得着,已经切切实实惠及了沿线国家的普通民众。 From French red wine and Polish apples in Chinese supermarkets to the assortment of "Made in China" in European malls ; from video calls across Eurasia to Africa's first transnational electrified railway, the results of the "Belt and Road" construction are visible You can feel it. It has been practical and affordable to the ordinary people in the countries along the route.

Foreign Minister Wang Yi said during the introduction of the forum that the project should be implemented, and the political consensus of leaders should be translated into the action of specific projects, and implemented in the people's clothing, food, shelter, and development focus of various countries.

"A distinctive feature of the construction of the 'Belt and Road' is that it is pragmatic and grounded. Facilities connectivity, smooth trade, financing, and people's hearts are all closely related to ordinary people. With the advancement of the 'Belt and Road' construction, ordinary people will also enjoy To more cooperation dividends. "Ruan Zongze said.

“一带一路”建设的不断推进,沿线国家往来将更便利,说走就走的旅行不是梦想;贸易将更畅通,货架上多了更多价廉物美的选择;人文交流将更密切,剧院、图书馆、博物馆、美术馆将提供更丰富的精神食粮。 It is foreseeable that with the continuous advancement of the "Belt and Road" construction, the countries along the route will be more convenient. It is not a dream to say that travel is just a walk; trade will be smoother, and there will be more cheap and good choices on the shelves; cultural exchange will Closer, theaters, libraries, museums, and art galleries will provide richer spiritual food.

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